FTP Servers for Cloudflare R2 Storage

Access the Cloudflare R2 data storage infrastructure and take advantage of scalable Cloud storage with no egress fees!

Cloud Forward

Scalable, Durable FTP

A more powerful FTP enabled by Cloud and backed by Cloudflare R2

No Servers to Manage

Everything is configured and ready to connect to your FTP client and it's simple to provision additional accounts and R2 Buckets instantly.

Unlimited Storage, Always Available

Take advantage of inexpensive petabyte-scale cloud storage with eleven nines of data durability and 99.99% availability SLAs.

Secure by Default

R2FTP provides secure FTP capabilities by default. All data is encrypted in transit.

Open API

Automate the management your R2 FTP accounts using our open REST API. Act on system events and notifications with our available Webhooks.